Natural Breast Feeding Products
LCD 8 Levels Comfort Electric Breast Pump
Product Code S9534

1.LCD Display─Microcomputer accurate controlled.
2.Soft Massage Silicone Pad─Flower shaped designed, comfortably fit breast, stimulation your milk flowing.
3.Silence Designed─Motor unit is running with silence. During pumping will not wake up your lovely baby.
4.Massage & Pumping Modes─Mimics your baby's suckling
5.8 Levels Comfortable Pumping Setting─8 levels for massage and pumping designed, can comfortably fit your demand.
6.Power Saving Mode─After 3 Mins stanby will switch off automatic.
7.Auto Recording─Microcomputer can record your setting from last time use.
8.Mutiple Power Supply─AC adaptor or battery power options.

   Cap/Breastshield Connector/Vacuum Lid/Vacuum Base/Bottle Stand:PP (-20℃~+100℃) Silicone
   Pad/Vacuum Cup/Anti-backflow Device/Tubing:Silicone (-20℃~+120℃)
   PPSU Feeding Bottle 150 ml / 5 oz:PPSU (-20℃~+197℃)